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Hispanic Heritage Month: Zapotec Rug Craft

Hispanic Heritage month began September 15 this year and runs through October 15. If you’re a homeschooling family who loves incorporating other cultures in your lessons, this is the perfect time to teach your littles about Hispanic culture. There are loads of Pinterest crafts already floating around relating to this …

October Homeschool Lesson Plan

Am I the only one wondering how the f*@k it’s already OCTOBER?! Maybe it’s because I’m the stereotypical “hot mess” mom. Maybe it’s because we decided to homeschool at the absolute last second so I did zero lesson planning ahead of time. More than likely it’s some combination of the …

From Hiking To Homeschooling

September is here which means we are in our first FULL month of homeschooling. We chose the homeschooling route this year to have the freedom to pick and choose from learning styles and methods that work best for our kids. Even though we’re still brand new to the homeschool scene, …

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