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15 Outdoor 4th of July Activities For Kids

It’s no secret our family loves the outdoors. With the upcoming holiday, I thought it would be a great idea to gather up a list of awesome outdoor 4th of July activities for kids (and adults too). Thanks to the wonderful Pinterest parents out there, I’ve got 15 super fun …

5 Reasons Your Child Should Start Volunteering

When it comes to enriching your child’s life through hands on experiences, there are a ton of options. Museums, zoos, and play groups are just a few that come to mind. But what if you are ready to take it a step further and broaden your child’s horizon through volunteering? …

How To Survive A Rainy Day With Adventurous Kids

Rain rain, go away, come again another day! Are you feeling this a little extra hard today? I know I sure as hell am! It’s been raining and cloudy every day this month which means my adventurous kids have been going a little stir crazy. If you’ve ever experienced a …

My 15 Mile Running Journey Across O’ahu

This isn’t a running blog so you might be a bit confused why I would include a running story on here. While I wish I was one of those runners that has incredible journeys to share, the truth is I only have a handful. One story is the time I …

Our Happy Place: The Beginning

Hey y’all! Welcome to the beginning, aka my very first blog post! As I sit and write this, I am both extremely excited and extremely nervous. My whole life I have been an artistic type of person who never really knew what to be when I grew up. The older …

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