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5 Reasons To Visit The Bishop Museum On O’ahu

Rainy Day? Too sunburned for the beach? Looking for an educational experience? Whatever your reason for wanting to visit a museum on your trip to O’ahu, the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum needs to be on your itinerary. Since opening in 1889, the Bishop Museum has been home to traditional Hawaiian …

20 Kid Friendly Things To Do In Charleston

My husband and I have an ongoing joke that the only things to do in Charleston, SC are ghost tours and dinner cruises. Seriously, that is ALL. THEY. ADVERTISE. Every storefront has either flyers or people trying to convince to go on these things! Over the course of 2 years, …

Kid Friendly National Parks: Badlands NP

**This post contains affiliate links which help generate an income for this blog** If you’re ever crossing through South Dakota, don’t sleep on the chance to visit Badlands NP. This 244,000 acre National Park is home to some of the most unique geological landscapes and a wide array of plants …

Kid Friendly National Parks: Yellowstone NP

As a novice writer, it is quite intimidating to write an article about a park with such prestige as Yellowstone NP. Surely you can scour the internet and come across countless articles of travelers who put forth more planning and professionalism visiting the park than we did. If that’s what …

Kid Friendly National Parks: Pipestone National Monument

What on Earth is Pipestone National Monument? Unless you’re a Minnesota/South Dakota native or an avid National Park enthusiast, chances are you’ve never heard of this hidden gem. We had no idea what we were getting into, but in light of trying to hit as many states as possible on …

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