Top 5 kid friendly beaches on O’ahu

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Finding the perfect beach is kind of a given if you find yourself in Hawaii. The beaches in Waikiki are magical, but if you’re anything like me you want to stray off the beaten path and explore the other treasures the island has to offer. While every beach is beautiful, not all are kid friendly (especially if you have younger kids). I’m here to let you in on the top 5 kid friendly beaches on O’ahu.

Kid Friendly Beaches on O’ahu

kid friendly beaches on O’ahu

#1: Ko Olina

Of all the kid friendly beaches on O’ahu, Ko Olina is my personal favorite (especially if you have younger beachcombers in tow). Ko Olina is less of a beach and more of a private haven. Situated on the West Side of the island at the Aulani Disney resort, these four man made lagoons are home to gentle waters, plenty of amenities, and tons of nearby attractions.

Whether you are looking to spend all day at the beach or maybe go shopping and hit a luau all in the same day, everything you need is within walking distance. Another perk of Ko Olina is the proximity to Paradise Cove beach. If you are looking to swim sea turtles while you are on island, walk on down to this beach located just before lagoon 1 and jump in (but be respectful of the sea life and do not touch).

kid friendly beaches on O’ahu

We only take extremely awkward photos at this beach

#2: Kualoa Regional Park

Located on the Northeast side of the island, Kualoa Regional Park another one of the top kid friendly beaches on O’ahu. Bring a ball and frisbee because this park has plenty of grass space to spread out and have some fun. The tide is very mellow here which is perfect for the younger beach goers.

Another perk of Kualoa Regional Park is the spectacular views of Chinaman’s hat. If you happen to go during low tide, you can pop the kids in a kayak and walk them out to explore over there. There are a lot of rocks and a steep incline so make sure to bring along proper shoes if you plan on trekking it.


kid friendly beaches on O’ahu

#3: Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach on the North Shore will easily land itself among your favorite places on the island. As you can see the sunsets here are out of this world, but there are other reasons to visit. In the winter the swells are large and full of surfers. When competitions are held here it is always a hit with our kids. In the summer the beach goes pretty flat and yields the perfect conditions for snorkeling.

If going in open water isn’t your thing, there are a great deal of tide pools nearby. You can either swim in them or teach the kids about marine life. No worries if you wind up staying for an all day adventure because there are plenty of food trucks right across the street. I would highly recommend checking out North Shore Tacos and getting…well anything on the menu because its all amazing.


kid friendly beaches on O’ahu

#4: Nanakuli Beach Park

Just passed Ko Olina on the Waianae Coastline sits one of the best beaches on the West Coast. Nanakuli Beach Park is home to white sand beaches and spectacular views of the mountains. The laid back atmoshere makes this beach perfect to spend all day soaking up the sun. The waves can be a little larger here, but the amount of sand makes it the perfect spot for the kids to play.

This park is also home to one of the most unique gems on island; the Mermaid Caves. Just to the left of the beach you will find a patch of lava rock. After a short walk along the rock, you will start to see caves lead down into the ocean. If you are feeling brave, you can even climb in and go for a swim (be EXTRA cautious if it is not low tide though). The kids will definitely have a blast watching the water flow while trying to spot mermaids.


kid friendly beaches on O’ahu

#5: Kailua Beach Park

If you are looking for a beach with gentle waters and tons of amenities, look no further than Kailua Beach Park. This two and half mile stretch of white sand beach located on the East side of the island is sure to keep the kids entertained. This is another place where you can easily get swept into an all day excursion because of the abundance of nearby restaurants and shops. 

If you and the fam are feeling up to a little extra exploring, I would highly recommend taking the one mile walk to Lanikai Beach. Parking can be limited there so walking may be easier. Along the way you will pass a great photo op with the Lanikai tower. At the beach, you will have great views of the twin islands.

There’s My Top 5 Kid Friendly Beaches on O’ahu

There are so many beaches on O’ahu that it can be hard to choose which ones are worth your while. If you are looking for kid friendly beaches on O’ahu, these 5 beaches are an excellent place to start. Drop a comment below and let me know if you have visited any of these beaches or would like to know more info about them. Don’t forget to subscribe to my email list to stay up to date on new posts. Thanks for reading about Our Happy Place 🙂


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